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LED illuminated signs pack a punch and are power efficient and long lasting. LED’s can be used in 3D acrylic letters, 3D logos, light boxes and more to create a striking effect.

Key Features and benefits of LEDs:
  • Low running costs – low power consumption
  • Environmentally friendly – energy efficient and no mercury or harmful gasses
  • Many options available for all types of signs
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Great for changeable signs - Available in remotely programmable displays
  • High brightness/lumens and compact size
  • Don’t produce heat

There are a huge range of design options for LED illuminated signs.
Some are:

3D fabricated letters/logos
These are a popular choice and can be lit internally with LEDs for a bright illuminated letter face, illuminated sides or a halo effect with solid faces and light emitting from the rear onto the backing surface/building. Have a look at our gallery below for ideas!

Light-boxes are a simple and effective way to advertise our business day and night. Changeable graphics, LED illumination and timers make them a great asset to your business. They can be fabricated to your required size and depth. Translucent face panels slide into a track, allowing for easy maintenance or to update your graphics at a later stage. Transparent printed graphics or vinyl logos can be applied, with strong even colour and illumination.

Programmable/changeable displays
Programmable displays are a great option for school or church signs. They can display any images or messages and can be updated remotely via wifi. Easy remote updating makes this an incredibly effective way to capture attention and update the content of your signage regularly.

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